Ken Cox is a dynamic individual with a diverse range of interests and accomplishments. As the President of Hostirian, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to technology, innovation, and growth, leading his company to success through his tenacity and dedication. Alongside his work at Hostirian, Ken is also a coach at BOX STL, a family-owned boxing gym run by his wife. Through his coaching, he helps his clients develop their skills and confidence, instilling a sense of discipline and determination that carries over into all aspects of their lives.

Moreover, Ken is also a recognized figure in the business world, having created the Davey Awards #1 General Business Podcast. This podcast is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals, offering insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Overall, Ken’s diverse interests and talents make him a remarkable individual who is committed to pushing himself and others towards success, whether through technology, coaching, or entrepreneurship.

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