President, Rivercity Internet Group LLC
Host, Clicks And Bricks Podcast
Founder PPGS

Bio Info on Ken

Ken Cox is a dynamic and accomplished President of Hostirian, and the host of the Clicks and Bricks podcast. As an entrepreneur, Ken has built a successful career creating safe and happy workplaces for his employees, providing critical IT services to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to the Global 500. His commitment to trading value for value and creating products that benefit everyone involved has earned him recognition as a leading figure in the business world.

Ken’s expertise in navigating privacy in the digital age, HR strategies for the modern workplace, product marketing tactics, entrepreneurship, and overcoming personal obstacles while running a business make him a perfect fit for podcasts with an audience of CEOs, CTOs, founders, owners, IT directors, and CFOs who care about privacy. With his passion for overcoming adversity and an entrepreneurial mindset, he shares real stories from real entrepreneurs, providing insights and best practices for succeeding in today’s business landscape on the Clicks and Bricks podcast, voted the #1 General Business Podcast by the Davey Awards. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a seasoned business leader like Ken Cox!


The Blox

Welcome to The Blox, The Greatest Show On Entrepreneurship...featuring yours truly! This is the largest live-in startup competition on the planet and it's available for you to binge watch right now! To do so, click the link in bio of @BetaBlox or search for "The Blox" on either Android or Apple app stores! Or, it's also on Facebook Watch, just search for "BetaBlox".

Clicks and Bricks Podcast

A comprehensive, small business, and online presence-focused series. On this podcast you will hear real stories from real entrepreneurs. Clicks and Bricks want to help businesses grow by sharing stories from other business owners. Voted #1 General Business Podcast | Gold: Podcast Series-Business

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How Ken got his start in the marketing world. The difference between a website and a funnel. How buying online has evolved.

Business Bros Podcast

Mastering Modern Business for Today’s Entrepreneurs with Ken Cox.


Topic Suggestions

A guide for CEOs on protecting data in the digital age

A guide for CEOs on protecting data in the digital age

Product marketing in the age of privacy concerns

Lessons in overcoming adversity and navigating uncertainty in business

Clicks and Bricks: Real stories from real entrepreneurs

Navigating the challenges of growth and scale while protecting your customers' privacy

The value for value trade: A CFO's guide to business strategy and product development

Lessons from a tech entrepreneur and coach on overcoming personal obstacles while growing a business or running a business

Is your website's privacy policy up to par?

The intersection of business, boxing, and mental well-being: Insights on overcoming personal obstacles and promoting men's health

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