The PPGS 2.1 by Ken Cox is a system for rating privacy policies using specific criteria. It assigns a letter grade (A to F) and a corresponding color to each policy. Here is the rubric for the PPGS 2.1:

Grading Scale and Colors:

  • A (Blue): The policy meets all criteria and provides strong privacy protection.
  • B (Green): The policy meets most criteria, but there is room for improvement.
  • C (Yellow): The policy partially meets the criteria, but there are significant shortcomings.
  • D (Orange): The policy meets few criteria and offers minimal privacy protection.
  • F (Red): The policy does not meet the criteria and offers little to no privacy protection
  1. Transparency (Clear and Complete):

    • The privacy policy is written in clear and simple language, easy for users to understand.
    • The policy comprehensively covers the types of personal data and usage information collected.
    • The policy clearly explains the purposes for collecting personal data and usage information.
  2. User Control (Access, Deletion, and Changes):

    • The policy allows users to access their personal information.
    • The policy provides users with the option to delete their personal information.
    • The policy allows users to change or modify their personal information.
    • The policy includes options for users to opt-out of certain data collection and sharing practices.
  3. Third-party Sharing (Limits and Consent):

    • The policy clearly outlines when personal information is shared with third parties.
    • The policy explains whether users can give or withhold consent for sharing their personal information with third parties.
    • The policy details any limits on third-party sharing and the circumstances in which sharing occurs.
  4. Security Measures:

    • The policy describes the security measures in place to protect users’ personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
    • The policy provides information on the company’s commitment to maintaining the security of users’ personal information.
  5. Notification of Changes:

    • The policy explains how users will be informed of significant changes to privacy practices.
    • The policy specifies the methods of notification, such as email or updates on the website.
  6. Readability:

    • The policy is written clearly and concisely, making it understandable for an average 9th-grade United States student.
    • If the reading level is higher than that of an average 9th-grade United States student, the overall grade will be reduced by one letter.

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